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Where are Your Eyes?

March 25, 2020 | Jon Hall

This is a very strange time for us all, not just odd and out of our comfort zone, but unsettling and worrisome as well. Our sense of well-being is threatened; we are separated from our routine, our friends and sources of entertainment. More...

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Walking Through Jude

March 20, 2020 | Perri Snyder

Preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ… to myself. The book of Jude is short and rich. As I started a study of Jude, I was drawn to the descriptions he uses for the believers of Jesus Christ. He teaches his readers that they are...

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Trusting God in Uncertainty

March 19, 2020 | Joshua Wilson

In times like these, it is easy to fear. Fears about money. Fears about the economy. Fears about employment. Fears about health. Fears about family. And, if you're like me, fears that something is out of our control. And yet the Bible tells us...

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A Love That Will Grow

March 13, 2020 | John Rowe

The leadership of Grace has been asked to pray Phil. 1:3-11 for the church. Here is the text from The Message Version: “Every time you cross my mind, I break out in exclamations of thanks to God. Each exclamation is a trigger to prayer. I...

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Unhurried Living

March 6, 2020 | Kristen Teglovic

Lately, I have been convicted that I live much of my life in a hurry. Hurrying to get to work so that I am not late, rushing to accomplish my tasks for the day, then hurrying to get home so that I can complete all of the things that I need to get...

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