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Give Your All

June 8, 2020 | Taylor Brown

In Mark 12:41-44, there is a short little scene that is recorded, and every time I read this passage of scripture, it strikes me in a new way. Jesus is sitting in the temple on the opposite side of the offering, watching all of these people put in their offering. One person puts in $50 while another person puts in $100 and another puts in $200. I am adding some imagery to the story, so these are not exact numbers. I just want you to get the feel of the story. Jesus is sitting back, watching all of these people put in their money. Then comes a widow, her husband is dead, probably has no other family around her and may not even be working right now, to give her offering. If I were sitting there, I would be like this woman can pass by the offering because all she has, she needs to live on. There is no need for her to put money into the offering. Jesus is watching, and this woman walks up to the offering and puts in two small copper coins, which is equal to a cent. Jesus turns to his disciples and says (paraphrased), “This woman gave more than everyone else because she gave all she had while the others gave out of their surplus.”

This phrase challenged me in a profound way that I want to share with you a little bit. I was struck that the woman did not just give money in the offering, but the woman gave her life in the offering. You see, when you have a love for someone so strong, you are willing to put your life into their hands. This woman gave everything that she had to live on. She did not give out of her surplus, but she gave ALL that she had. I want to get past the Sunday morning offering. I do not want to talk about the amount of money that you give toward a church. What I want to ask you is do you have a love for the Father that you are willing to give him your life each and every day. Most of us would have passed by the offering that day, knowing that we could not give because we needed that money to live on that week. Sometimes we do not have the faith that we should trust God will provide for us. This woman loved Jesus so much that she trusted he would take care of her, so she was willing to put her life into the offering.

There is a lot that is going on in the world right now, and it can be easy only to be looking out for your life and how you are going to survive each week or even each day. I want to challenge you to look at your life compared to the widow and see if you are giving God your life each and every day or if you are willing to start. We have to be people that have a love so strong and a faith God will provide if we give him our lives.