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God Uses Us Despite our “Mess Ups”

February 7, 2020 | Hannah Shaffer

With the new year, I decided to read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. The Bible is full of crazy stories about how God uses people in His plan. Throughout reading the first few books, I have discovered several themes. One of these themes is that God’s people messed up a lot. When we are kids, we are taught many of the famous Bible stories about how Noah built the ark, Moses saved the Israelites from slavery, or how Abraham was faithful to God. But there are many stories about how God’s people sinned and messed up. Stories such as Sarah giving Abraham her servant as a wife so that he may have a son through her, Jacob’s sons murdering all the males in a city because one had raped their sister, and Miriam speaking out against Moses and receiving leprosy as a punishment. I don’t know about you, but these stories are not ones that I ever learned in Sunday School.
After reading through Genesis and seeing how many times people sinned against God, I wondered how God could have chosen those people to be His people. Surely throwing your brother in a pit and then selling him off to slavery would be something that would get you disqualified from being part of God’s chosen people. Then I remembered that God does not use only the good that we do; he also uses the times that we mess up. If God were only going to use those who never messed up or even those who only messed up a few times, there would not be very many of us for God to use. God uses all of us in His plan because He loves us. He does not love our “good deeds” or the times when we don’t mess up, He loves us, just for being us. No matter how many times you feel that you have messed up, know that God wants to use you in His plan. He loves you for you, not for any bad or good thing you could do, but simply because you are you!