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Granny's Christmas Bags

December 20, 2019

All the grandchildren in the Allan family refer to my mom as “Granny.” When our family gets together to do the annual Christmas gift exchange, there is a special tradition that kicks off the proceedings. Granny gives her gift bags to each of the grandkids who have not outgrown the privilege of being on her list.

Granny’s Christmas Bags are decorated burlap sacks (reused every year) and come full of individually wrapped presents! The room explodes with joy as the children open what seems like a bottomless bag of gifts. The assortment of treasures includes colored pencils, stickers, an ornament, hair bows, toy cars, candy, crazy socks, and this year’s surprise was a mini Etch a Sketch! The older kids won’t admit it…but they miss it when they are too old for Granny’s Christmas Bags.

We often say that our greatest gift at Christmas…is Jesus. I was wondering the other day, “When I see Jesus under my tree, are there still gifts from him that I have yet to unwrap?”

Colossians 1:19 says, “For in him all the fullness of God was pleased to dwell.” There is a lot to unwrap there! Then John 1:16 claims, “For from his fullness we have all received grace upon grace.” It’s the idea of “wave upon wave” of grace coming to us from Christ. It’s like “present upon present” in the “Christmas Gift Bag” from the Father!

As children of God, joy can explode in our hearts as we open ourselves to an assortment of gifts… God’s steadfast love, his presence, his comfort, his strength, his wisdom, his joy, his hope! Merry Christmas! There is a bottomless Christmas Gift Bag for you under the tree this year! And you never get too old, to be on the Father’s list.