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The Beauty of a Multi-Generational Church

October 3, 2019

Ben Raudebaugh and Kari Teglovic came in the other day for a pre-marital counseling appointment. As we headed to my office, we ran into Carl Key. These three people are deeply connected at Grace, but I wondered if they knew each other. Carl is in his 80's, and Ben and Kari are both in their twenties. In many churches, it's unusual for the "older people" and the "younger people" to cross paths. So, I was pleasantly surprised to find out they were very acquainted with each other!

I was quickly left out of the conversation as the three of them started talking about the friends they shared and the latest news from the Dominican Republic! What is their connection?

Over 30 years ago, Carl Key began a non-profit organization called "Partners in Christ." It is a ministry that has been serving the Dominican Republic for over 30 years. The function of Partners in Christ is to connect people with educational, physical, spiritual, and emotional needs with those who can help address them. Well, Ben and Kari were able to help and went on a short-term missions team to the DR.

It has become common for churches to define themselves as "an older church" or "a young church." Grace Church is neither. We are a multi-generational church! There is a rich love that emerges when different generations come to love and appreciate each other.
When very different generations learn to "dance together," it's a beautiful thing!

On the Partners in Christ website, their stated mission is "To Glorify God and expand the kingdom... " That's the music that a multi-generational church dances to.


 At Grace Churchas we love God and love others by revealing the life-giving grace of Jesus. This love inspires everything we do!

Carl, Ben, and Kari are open to giving dance lessons!