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The Body of Christ

October 11, 2019 | John Rowe

The body of Christ at Grace Church is an amazing group. I have the privilege to engage with volunteers who serve in behind the scenes ministries such as Business Commission, Buildings and Grounds Commission, and Hospitality Commission. In these areas there are 115 people that serve by watching over finances (Business Commission), assuring our campus is safe and maintained at a high level (Buildings and Grounds Commission) and serving at special events like Communion, Trunk or Treat, Easter Sunday, English as a New Language and so many more (Hospitality Commission).

Recently, I have had the privilege to watch the body come together during the Kids Canyon lower level 6,000 square foot remodel that will house the Kindergarten through 5th-grade students at Grace in one safe and specially designed area. Over 60 brothers and sisters from 10 to 80 years of age have been involved in the project! The following were projects we took on: removal of all the 20+year old carpet, removal and replacement of all the ceiling tiles, painting of faded and aged ceiling T bars, removal for refurbishing and replacement of 24 doors, new drywall where needed, every square inch of 5 rooms and two restrooms painted, design/ detail painting, moving our lower level kitchen to a refurbished Real Life Center Kitchen, assembly of furniture, etc. Although at times the work was taxing, the focus was the end goal; to create a safe and secure atmosphere conducive to teaching our children, and our guests the love of God and the truths of His Word.

I am reminded of one of our values – “We are contributors, not consumers: We exist to serve others with a relentless love and a Christ-like abandon.”       

II Cor. 5:14-15 “For Christ’s love compels us…He died for all that those who live should no longer live for themselves but for Him who died for them and was raised again.”

Will you join many others to pray that God would use this new venue to build up His body and bring many to Christ?