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The mission of Grace Students is to lead students into a relationship with God and to walk with Him daily in all aspects of their lives.

Grace Student Ministries is for grades 6-12. We are a safe place to be real with one another and welcome any student who walks in our doors. We understand that walking with God is a life-long journey of continually being transformed.

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Wednesday Night Ministry -May 18th

Here are some questions to help prompt discussion with your family:

What did you learn about God? 

What is one thing that really stood out to you from what you heard?

What is one question you have from what you heard?

What is one takeaway you can implement from what you heard?

Our volunteers are all trained and screened, as we hope to provide a safe place for students to grow closer to God and one another.

For more information about Grace Student Ministries, contact one of our staff members: