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At Grace Church, we put an emphasis on living life together. One of the primary ways we do this is through our groups. Life is better connected!

Grace Groups are free to meet again in person.  Of course, groups are free to continue meeting on Zoom as well. Contact your Grace Group Leader if you have any questions!

Below you can find a list of our current Grace Groups. Whether you are looking for a traditional Sunday school group or something that meets during in the week in the community, we want to help you get connected.

Each group listed below includes a few pieces of information:

  • Day of the week
  • Time and Location
  • Size of the group: small (less than 14 people), medium (15-25), and large (26+)
  • Group Leader(s) and contact info
  • A description and relevant details 

Grace Group Directory


Sunday | 10:45 am

Led by: Mark & Connie Cates Group Type: Medium, Everyone Welcome

Location: Room 316

Primarily 45-55-year-olds exploring our Christian path as we walk with Jesus! Our group is the Church within the Church. We are made up of people from all walks of life. Our diversity-- married and single, helps us to learn from one another as we grow in Christ!

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Sunday | 9:00 am

Led by: Jim & Kris Gale Group Type: Small, Everyone Welcome

Location: Room 316

Galileans have been around for years...and I mean years. We used to be the "Roaring Twenties" and now we are in our 60's and 70's. We have had many people come and go. I like to think of us as a mini church in our church. We love to help and serve others. We study the Bible always. Our toughest challenge over the past 10 years has been trying to help our parents and spouses, many who have passed away and are currently hanging around Jesus.

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Sunday | 10:45 am

Led by: Ned & Sandy Carman Group Type: Large, Everyone Welcome

Location: Room 314

Primarily 60 - 70 year olds. Our class is a very loving and caring group who have become a family. We love praying for each other and helping to meet needs. We have wonderful teachers to lead us. We have a variety of social activities throughout the year that make our class so close.

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Next Level

Sunday | 10:45 am

Led by: Randy Lemus Group Type: Medium, Everyone Welcome

Location: Room 302-304

Primarily 35- 45 year olds

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