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For Ashland 2020 Recap

March 15, 2020, gave our church a new opportunity to serve our community. Together, we delivered food for our local schools, partnered with the Kroc Center’s Food Bank, and helped provide school supplies for Reagan Elementary’s back to school night in the fall. It's more important now than ever for the Christ-followers at Grace to be known for what we're FOR. If we want to change our Ashland community through our mission, then we must shift our focus to become “people-centric.” I often wonder what our community would look like if we at Grace Church were known as the #1 fans of our neighbors. Imagine the impact if we invested our energy into supporting our community instead of trying to convince our neighbors to become wild fans of the church. Now is the time to live like Jesus has transformed our lives. Let's become known for the way we love our Ashland community as a group of disciples known for who and what we're FOR.


John O. Teevan, Director of Next Steps

For Ashland Recap 

Kroc Center Food Delivery