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Part of how we worship God at Ashland Grace is by giving cheerfully and sacrificially through our finances.

We use the resources that God has blessed us with to further the gospel of Jesus Christ in our church, community and beyond. We thank all of you who continue to faithfully meet our needs year after year! We ask that you would continue to pray for and support the ministry here at Grace, trusting that the reality of God’s grace will move in your hearts as you continue to grow in Him.

Below, you can give a one-time gift, set up a recurring gift or explore other giving options.

Other Giving Options

Place cash or checks in the offering. You may choose to use the brown envelopes provided in the pews. There is no substantiation (receipt for tax purposes) for these gifts.

For a systematic approach to giving, the church provides white giving envelopes. The 2019 envelopes are located in the North Lobby. The envelope system will allow you to plan ahead, to give as you have determined on a regular basis. Confidential records are kept and substantiation of your gifts is mailed to you.

Many of us now are paying our bills electronically. Electronic giving convenient and another way to give systematically. With electronic giving, you will authorize the church to debit your account on the first and/or fifteenth of the month. If you desire to participate in electronic giving you may obtain an authorization form from Anne Goodman in the church office via a visit to the office or email her at and request the form. These gifts are substantiated.

Another option to aid in systematic giving is to authorize your bank to send your giving to the church as a check by using online banking and bill pay. Some banks offer this service without a fee. You will want to talk to your personal banker about this option. These gifts are substantiated.


2020 Offering Envelopes  

Now available

If you were a regular user of paper envelopes in 2019 and you have a church mailbox, you will find your envelope box in the mailroom. 

If you do not have a church mailbox, you will find your envelope box (with your name on the label) in the North Lobby. 

If you would like to begin using paper envelopes, please visit the Next Steps Information Center in the Circle, they will assist you with obtaining your own box, or call Anne Goodman in the church office. 

Online, Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) and Easy Tithe givers will be given a postcard with their envelope number but not be given paper envelopes. 

The only way we have of keeping track of your contributions (for year-end acknowledgments) is via envelope numbers (paper and non-paper).  

If you have any questions regarding Online giving (through your bank’s Bill Pay), EFT (electronic transfer of funds from your bank to ours), Easy Tithe or giving in general, please contact Anne Goodman in the church office at 419-289-8334 or via email at .