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Welcome to Grace Church Online! 

Church Online 6.28.20

We are so glad that you are joining us today! Thank you for continuing to be the church, even when things look different than usual. Click here to watch our Grace Kid's Sunday Videos! Join us next week same time, same place!


This is a unique time for us as a church to "live with irrational generosity." We invite you to excel in intentional giving by utilizing one of the following methods:
  • Online Giving- Set up bill pay through your bank or click here to give through EasyTithe. 
  • Envelope Giving- drop it by our office, send via mail, or after hours utilize our drop box located in the Real Life Center door breezeway. 

Next Gen: 

Through this time, we desire to continue to stay connected with families, students, and kids! In the upcoming weeks, you can find resources and encouragement through the following formats:

Contact us:

How can we be there for you during this time? We would love to pray with you! Fill out this form for prayer or counseling or click here to have a conversation with someone from our staff.

Grace Church Songs of Hope

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